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The Auckland Audio Equipment Professionals

What made us different?
For 30 years, Sound Techniques provided solutions for audio recording professionals. Our main focus was to support portable professional audio devices used by location sound mixers and we supplied leading brands of professional audio equipment.

The support started before you bought anything. We discuss your requirements with you and offer a range of options explaining and demonstrating products.

Once you’ve bought we’d help you use the equipment, answer your questions, organise repairs if necessary and tide you over with replacements, at no charge for a warranty issue.

We supplied Leading brands of portable sound recording equipment 

Our Auckland audio equipment store in Eden Terrace supplied sound recording equipment, including radio microphones, location mixers, microphones, portable digital recorders, and personal microphones since 1992.

Whether you were a broadcaster, freelance sound mixer or a podcaster we helped with sound recording throughout New Zealand and overseas.

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