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It’s time to go digital.

We have added our first digital radio microphone system to rentals.

The kit for rental consists of two Audio Ltd A10 transmitters and a dual channel Audio Ltd A10 receiver.

The transmitters can be used with lavalier microphones or on a boom linked with and to power a shotgun microphone.

Record on SD card on transmitter for backup and piece of mind if range is a concern.

Slot into the 688 and Scorpio SL-6 powering and wireless system to attach up to three dual channel slot capable receivers thus providing six channels of wireless.

Can be rigged with XLR outputs for standalone use

Digital quality audio with:

State-of-the-art 100% digital long-range modulation delivers the longest transmission distance of any system on the market.

Simple menus are quick to access.

Quality meter provides additional information about the RF spectrum so you can quickly adapt to interference and avoid dropouts or poor performance.

Spectrum efficient, the A10 System allows the user to operate up to 20 channels in an 8 MHz TV channel.

Kit Rate: $250 + GST per day; $750 + GST per calendar week.

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