10 Aug 10

ADAM Audio: Hear the new AX series now.

Hear now! - the new AX series speakers. The A series speakers have been transformed with the addition of the X-series tweeter as featured in the SX series.

The SX series built on the reputation of the acclaimed S3 series but represented a complete rebuild, not just a revision. All transducers, drivers and electronics have been redesigned resulting in more than a simple improvement. These are a quantum leap in professional monitoring.

Don't just take our word.

“I just recorded and mixed one song completely on the S3X and I have to say, they sound awesome. At first I was a little scared, when compared to the S3As, there was quite a bit more midrange, the vocals are a lot more forward than on the As. Now after the mix I find that the Xs translate even better than the As (which were great to begin with). The other thing I found is that the Xs seem not to project as wide a picture as the As, a little more centered, which makes me work on the stereo width of the mix a bit harder and the result, when taken out of the room, sounds great. Also, I find that you get less ear fatigue on the Xs, even though the As did a great job on that already. I ran the Xs without a subwoofer and they had the same overall bass response as the As with a subwoofer, subwoofers always sound a bit disconnected to me. I do have 80Hz on the speaker EQ turned up a bit.
So, from now on I will work on the S3X. Honestly, I thought the S3As couldn’t be improved upon, I was wrong.”
Michael Wagener http://www.michaelwagener.com

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