28 Mar 17

Rycote new products

Two new products were released at NAB last year, the Super Softie (pictured) and the Super Shield

Rycote Super-Softie
The Super-Softie significantly enhances the performance achieved by the existing Softie windshield, through an innovative new aerodynamic shape, and brand new surface material – 3D-Tex, combining to achieve excellent acoustic transparency with superb attenuation of wind noise.

Key features are:
• 3D-Tex & the novel shape and give greatly improved wind noise reduction compared to conventional "soft" windshields.
• A true cavity design, with superb performance at extreme low frequencies
• A rough-service windshield, robust enough for the most challenging ENG situations
• Maintains excellent acoustic transparency in almost all situations,
• High immunity to rain-soaking Rycote has made wind protection for microphones for more than 40 years combining expertise experience and passion to develop windshields and accessories for microphones.

RRP $330 sofite only

Rycote Super-Shield

The Super-Shield Kit is a complete windshield and shock mounting system for shotgun microphones up to 300mm in length. It can be used where a fully featured windshield isn't necessary i.e. for sports, video, ENG work.

The Super-Shield is the updated version of a well-proven Rycote design - a rigid basket windshield that totally encloses the microphone for the best wind noise reduction. The central chassis supports a range of "pods" in lengths to fit almost all location-style microphones, and provides for good aerodynamic balance and adjustment of centre-of-mass balance.
The patented Lyre suspension isolates the microphone, and together with a captive cable, minimises handling noise. The pods have a fast-to-use twist-lock fixing to allow easy access to the microphone.
RRP $770