23 Aug 11

MOTU computer interfaces in store


Sound Techniques has been appointed as an authorised reseller of MOTU interfaces in New Zealand.
In store we have 5 different models
Microbook Professional recording and mixing that fits in your pocket
The Audio Express connects to any current Mac or PC via FireWire or high-speed USB 2.0. Connect your mic, guitar, keyboard, and digital input, and you are ready to make pro-quality recordings in your personal studio.
Traveller mk3 Portable bus-powered audio interface with on-board effects and mixing. Engineered for high-end mobile recording applications, the Traveler-mk3 delivers four very high quality mic inputs, bus power, optional battery power and DSP-driven mixing and effects processing.
UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid MOTU's most compact and versatile audio interface, featuring hybrid FireWire/USB2 connectivity to your Mac or Windows computer, on-board mixing and effects, superb sound and reliable performance.
8pre Turn your computer into a powerful 24-bit, 96kHz digital audio workstation with eight mic inputs or add eight high-quality mic/instrument inputs to your current system.
Hear what Teddy Riley, multi-platinum record producer and MOTU fan says about MOTU. http://www.motu.com/newsitems/motu-teddy-riley-interview

MOTU is a leading developer of computer-based audio and video production hardware and software. MOTU was founded in 1980 and has been developing audio, video and music technology products since 1984.

Inspired by the Macintosh when it first appeared, engineers at MOTU developed one of the Macintosh's first music programs ever. Performer®, the music industry standard for MIDI sequencing, began shipping in 1985.