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RSM decides on new Licence Requirements for UHF radio microphones

Radio Spectrum Management has released its decisions on the use of radio microphones in the UHF spectrum.
The full document can be downloaded here in pdf format.
Key points:

  • confirmation that radio microphones will be able to use 698 – 806 MHz frequency range until 11 March 2015 on a non-interference basis but after this date use will be prohibited;
  • the 502 – 582 MHz and 622 – 698 MHz frequency ranges will available for radio microphone usage long term;
  • 582 – 606 MHz frequency range will be available for radio microphone usage after 30 November 2013;
  • 606 – 622 MHz frequency range will no-longer be available for radio microphone use; use of the lower guard band (698 – 703 MHz) or any of the other guard bands will not be permitted beyond 11 March 2015;
  • from 1 January 2014 there will be restrictions preventing the sale and supply of radio microphones that operate in the 698 – 806 MHz frequency range; and digital standards will be provided for radio microphones in the 502 – 606 MHz and 622 – 698 MHz frequency ranges.
The Ministry will begin a communications campaign to ensure affected parties are made aware of the changes.

How does this affect clients?
It depends where you are working how you might be affected. Current knowledge of transmitter sites is invaluable and both RSM and WUNZ have plans to develop tools to establish what DTT is operating from where. The information is already available in the RSM SMART database but it requires a good sense of geography and patience to interpret it.
Contact Sound Techniques if you need more assistance or have a look at the Wireless Users NZ website for developments
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