16 Sep 10

August e-news text version


In July we bundled up over 150 cartons of precious audio equipment and moved to our new home Unit 3, 1 Porters Ave, Eden Tce.
Our showroom and storeroom are up and running while we unpack the archives. Our lounge is available for listening to ADAM Audio speakers.
The BBQ and putting green are in place.
Most importantly we have more space and parking at the rear of the building.
And you’re invited to drinks and a BBQ this Friday to celebrate the move. See the attached flyer for details.
Read on, click the links, ask us questions and keep an eye on our website for the latest breaking news on new products, upgrades and developments here and abroad…
PS No images were harmed in the making of this e-news.
In this e-dition
Opening specials.
What do you need for better audio with your DSLR camera?
Lectrosonics releases Quadpack
and more…
Phone, fax numbers remain the same.
It’s west along New North Rd from our last home.
How to find us.
From the city/current location
Get on to the top of Symonds St and branch right on to New North Rd. 500m down the road and immediately prior to the underpass turn left in Porters Ave. Immediately turn right and drive down the alleyway behind the first set of units. It’s in front of the big Kennards self storage place. Don’t cross the railway line, you’ve gone too far.
Sound Techniques is the last unit away from Porters Ave and parking is at the rear of the building at the end of the driveway alongside the building. Walk to the front of the building and enter the door downstairs from the dentist
From West Auckland.
Take the NW Motorway to Western Springs turn into St Lukes Rd and left into New North Rd. Proceed through Kingsland and under the overpass. Once out of the underpass immediately turn right into Porters Ave and right into no 1. and drive down the alleyway behind the first set of units. If you cross the railway line you’ve gone too far.
Sound Techniques is the last unit away from Porters Ave and parking is at the rear of the building at the end of the driveway alongside the building. Walk to the front of the building and enter the door downstairs from the dentist
Opening specials (available until August 31st  , limited quantities)
Sennheiser HD202 headphones 25% off list price $53.25 + GST. Stock up now.
Sennheiser Evolution G3 bodypack radio mic system 2 only @ $1,050 + GST, were on special at $1,195 + GST. (list price $1,485 + GST)
ADAM Audio A7 speakers, 2 pairs only, 20% off, only $1,995, GST inclusive
ADAM Audio A5 speakers, 2 pairs only 20% off, only $1,395, GST inclusive
Lectrosonics SMA transmitter with UCR411A receiver on block 25, 25% off list, 1 only $4,736 + GST
NB Sennheiser HD25-II headphones, now only $428 + GST per pair (were $535 + GST)
Note we have warehouse space to spare. We are looking to sublease to anyone who needs warehouse space for storage or for a small workshop.
Lectrosonics Quadpack holds two SRa receivers
When I saw the Quad Pack at NAB this year I thought it was an idea in search of an application. Now I appreciate it’s a tidy way of running 4 receivers in a bag system with dual outputs and common powering.
It’s lightweight and rugged, and at home in bag systems containing mixer, recorder and wireless transmitters used for audio feed to cameras. One set of audio outputs is used to feed the recorder and the other set to feed wireless transmitters to provide a link to a camera.
Power is taken from an external DC source via one or both connectors on the Quadpack. Circuitry employed between the two jacks takes power from the source with the higher voltage. This can be used to provide a backup power supply where the DC is automatically taken from the opposite jack if power is interrupted at one of them.
The Quadpack’s front panel is designed to accept the standard SRa or the SRa5P variant that provides audio outputs on the front panel of the receiver for cameras that only have one audio input in the slot. The left side of the unit provides four full-size XLR outputs while the right side provides four TA3M mini XLRs. The multiple audio outputs can be used for a redundant feed to a recorder in addition to the main outputs that would typically feed wireless transmitters in a bag system, or a mixer on a sound cart. Receivers can be installed in either of the two slots via the SRUNI Unislot adapter.
The Quadpack’s housing is constructed entirely of aluminum with a durable powder-coat finish. Power is via external DC from 7 to 18 V through the LZR locking connector or via a 4-pin Hirose connector located on the system’s right side.
Due September 2010, email us for more details


                                 Scenarios for Audio for DSLR cameras
Recording audio to a DSLR is fraught with risks. Poor quality sound will undermine good quality pictures. Always monitor the audio with headphones so you can sort the problems when they happen not struggle with fixing them in post production.
Here are four recipes for recording audio to a DSLR camera. There a five key elements, microphone, microphone mount, wind protection, a stable connection to camera and headphones. Other accessories might include bags, protective cases, spare clips, cables etc. Pricing is indicative and includes GST at time of writing.
Happy meal: Sennheiser MKE400 microphone and a pair of headphones $600.
Add fries: Beachtek DXA-5D or DSLR adapter, Sennheiser K6 microphone with ME65 capsule, Rycote miniwindjammer, camera shoe adaptor, headphones, AKG C417 wired lapel microphone $2,220.
The Double Cheese: K-tek Norbert camera mount, Beachtek adapter, Sound Devices MixPre 2-channel mixer, camera cable, Sennheiser K6 microphone with ME66 and ME65 capsules, Rycote softie with pistolgrip, wireless microphone, headphones, cables, boom $5,500
Gourmet: Record double system with a separate recorder Fostex FR-2LE recorder, Sanken or Sennheiser shotgun microphone, Rycote windshield kit, boom, headphones, Sound Devices 302 mixer, wireless microphone $9,500
Sound Techniques can demonstrate these options to you and help you decide what you need for your purpose.
If all this seems to daunting hire a professional sound mixer. They’ll have all this equipment and more plus you’ll benefit from their years of experience.
If you are confused about the audio recording capabilitiy of a Canon camera click here.or the link is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Canon_EOS_Digital_Cameras
Grab-a-deal (until August 31st & while stocks last)
Grab-a-deal #1ADAM A7 speakers new, 5 year warranty (2 pairs only) now 20% off.
Grab-a-deal #2ADAM A5 speakers, 1 pair piano black, 1 pair matte black now 20% off.
(psst also a couple of ex demo pairs available at ex demo prices)
Grab-a-deal #3HHB CDR80SIP – blank 80 min recordable CDR silver, inkjet printable, in jewel case, secure archival life in excess of 200 years
20% off for boxes of 10; 25% off for 5 boxes or more
Grab-a-deal #4Alpine MusicSafe earplugs $36 per set, GST inclusive. List price $55.95. 5 pairs only.


Flexirent – helps you rent or buy equipment
When you don’t want to pay the full price upfront or are concerned about the lifetime cost of equipment start an operating lease or lease to own with Flexirent.
It's a simple process. Your eligibility and approval can be determined quickly.
• Flexibility to upgrade during or end of lease term
• Ideal for rapidly depreciating equipment
• Payments are an operating expense & typically 100% tax deductible
• Can extend term and upgrade when ready
• When ownership is preferred at the end of the lease
• For assets that have a longer usable life (typically 3 years plus)
• Asset & liability – interest & depreciation claimed as a tax deduction.
Contact us for more information.
We give thanks to: Dave Blair, builder; Steve Williams, electrician; Factory Carpets; Kelvin Scott, phones; AA Movers; Hurdleys, office furniture; Matt and Suda; Nic McGowan; Foundation course, Music and Audio Institute of NZ; Adam Martin; South Seas Film & Television; Whitebait TV; Jo Elworthy; TWO Promotions Inc; Chris Ing; Matthew Heine; Fraser Satherley, Fuma Productions; Eyeworks New Zealand Limited;
Not to be recommended: Orcon Business
Terms of trade
Our principal terms of trade are:
1.     All invoices are to be paid COD unless agreed in writing.
2.     Claims arising from invoices must be made within 53.     All goods remain the property of Sound Techniques Ltd until paid in full.
4.     All overdue invoices bear interest at 20%5.     In the event of default of payment when due, all costs of collection, including legal fees and court costs, shall be paid by the debtor.
Buy or rent gear from Sound Techniques and we promise:
·         We will deliver the appropriate gear for your application to achieve the best quality of audio.
·         We will support all products sold to the best of our ability.
·         We will always make time to discuss equipment requirements with our customers.
Who do you know who would like to know more about our products and services?
Introduce a new customer to Sound Techniques and we’ll give you 5% of any resulting sale back as a credit, up to $50 total. Just tell the client to let us know you sent them
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