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Feb 2018NewsSound Techniques closed Friday Feb 23rd, 2018
Dec 2017NewsSound Devices MixPre-3, MixPre-6, MixPre-10T recorders now in stock
Jun 2017NewsJune 2017 e-news now online. What we saw at NAB
Sep 2016News10% discount on ADAM Audio monitors for tertiary students
Sep 2016NewsRules for carrying Lithium batteries with Air New Zealand
Oct 2015NewsSound Devices launches CL-12 fader panel for 6 series
Mar 2017NewsCyclone warning - Large, Medium and Small in store
Mar 2017NewsRycote new products
Mar 2017NewsSound Devices 633 mixer/recorder now with automixing
Nov 2013NewsFinding a good frequency - a refresher course
Sep 2013NewsPro Audio Showcase
Sep 2013NewsHints for lapel microphone users
Sep 2012NewsAugust 2012 e-news
Feb 2014NewsRSM decides on new Licence Requirements for UHF radio microphones
Aug 2014NewsPIX i series recorders are here
Dec 2014NewsElegant low profile mount for Sennheiser 8050
Feb 2012NewsDenecke's GR2 timecode generator/reader
Aug 2011NewsMOTU computer interfaces in store
Aug 2011NewsLectrosonics' new handheld microphone
May 2011NewsSound Devices introduces 2-channel MixPre-D
Mar 2011NewsCL-9 fader enhancement for 788T recorder
Jan 2011NewsDecember e-news
Sep 2010NewsAugust e-news text version
Aug 2010NewsJuly e-news online. Win a pair of Sennheiser HD25-II headphones
Jun 2010NewsMay e-news text version on line
Aug 2010NewsADAM Audio: Hear the new AX series now.
Jun 2012NewsHandy freeware
Dec 2009NewsNew Lectrosonics transmitters with variable output power
Jul 2009NewsNagra VI recorder builds on Nagra's reputation
Sep 2013NewsLectrosonics SRB dual channel receiver setup hints

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